Welcome to DataCal, your computer productivity experts. Our specialty and custom keyboards, templates and keyboard labels, also known as keyboard stickers, are designed and manufactured to improve your computer efficiency and make using your keyboard easier. With over twenty years experience and thousands of satisfied businesses and customers, DataCal has developed an excellent reputation for providing personal, professional guidance, creative design, and reliable manufacturing processes.  Our excellent line of products including Cherry, KeyTronic, TG3 and Genovation, combined with our complete customization ability ensure the perfect keyboard solution.


Language Keyboard Solutions

Language Solutions

  • Quality computer keyboards support a wide variety of languages
  • Bilingual keyboards with both English legends as well as chosen language
  • Keyboard language labels, also known as keytop stickers, in hundreds of languages
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  • Labels made of durable Lexan® polycarbonate printed sub-surface for years of use.
  • Easy instructions are included to assist with windows set-up and keyboard use in new language
  • All language keyboards and language labels can be customized for your specific need
education Solutions

Education Solutions

  • Quality computer keyboards, keyboard covers, and accessories with excellent volume pricing
  • Typing masks made to custom fit any keyboard for keyboard training
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  • Keyboard covers made to fit your specific keyboard for easy cleaning
  • Language keyboards and keyboard labels support hundreds of languages
  • Kinderboard and large type/ large key keyboards for children
  • Excellent, experienced customer service for schools and learning institutions
  • Keyboards, labels, and other products can be customized for your specific needs
Retail/Point of sale solutions

Retail POS Solutions

  • Quality POS keyboards, keypads and accessories for a wide variety of retail applications
  • Authorized distributor for all Cherry keyboards and keyboard products
  • Genovation keypads – both programmable and non-programmable
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  • Touchpad keyboards, mini-keyboards and trackball keyboards
  • Bar-code readers and smart card readers
  • Washable keyboards, mice and keyboard covers
  • One-on-one customer service with extensive experience in finding the exact solution for each retail/POS problem
  • All products can be customized for your specific needs
Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions

  • Waterproof computer keyboards and mice for medical and industrial applications or anywhere cleanliness and reliability are needed
  • IP-68 compliant fully sealed silicone based keyboards and mice in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges
  • Keyboards and mice can be dipped in water or disinfected with most solvents quickly and easily
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  • Industrial keyboards with ergonomic, thin design with full tactile feedback, like a conventional keyboard
  • Waterproof keyboard covers designed to fit your specific keyboard
  • Screen covers in a wide variety of sizes
Visual Assistive Solutions
  • High quality large print keyboards, ideal for visual assistance and for children
  • Large key keyboards combine large print and larger keys
  • Keyboard labels in large print and in Braille adhere completely to top of keys and are made of durable Lexan® polycarbonate for years of use
  • Keyboards and labels can be customized for your specific needs

Custom Business Solutions

Custom Labels

Custom Labels

  • Custom computer keyboard labels, also known as keytop stickers or overlays, provide an economical way to customize your work station and increase productivity and efficiency
  • Keyboard labels are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications
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  • Keyboard Labels or keytop stickers are made of the highest quality materials including Lexan® polycarbonate and 3M® adhesive
  • Easy to apply and get a precise fit for any keyboard, including laptops
  • Quick, competitive quotes with in-house design, manufacturing, and delivery in as little as two weeks
  • Common uses include specialized software, data-entry, language and POS system applications
Custom Templates

Custom Templates & Faceplates

  • Custom keyboard templates provide an economical and versatile way to customize your keyboard and improve productivity and efficiency
  • Keyboard templates are designed and manufactured to fit over your existing keyboard
  • Designed to your exact specifications with a wide variety of colors, graphics and size options
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  • Made of durable Lexan® polycarbonate
  • Very versatile – can be moved or changed easily
  • Common uses include specific software applications and work stations with multiple uses
Custom Promo Labels

Custom Promotional Products

  • Custom printed promotional products including mouse pads, face-plates, logo labels, golf balls or nearly anything
  • Complete design and pad or screen printing to your exact specifications on site
  • Two weeks lead time or less, low minimum quantities
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  • Up to four colors with tight registration capability
  • Printing on a wide variety of materials and sizes
volume sales

Volume Sales

  • Volume keyboard sales, volume keyboard label sales available on as few as five products
  • Reseller preferred pricing
  • No MOQ on stock items
  • Same day shipments on stock items
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  • “Blind” Packaging
  • Guaranteed protection
  • Quick, competitive quotes
  • High quality products including Cherry and KeyTronic keyboards as well as language keyboards and keyboard labels

Specialty Printing

Specialty Printing Solutions
  • Over 20 years experience in pad and screen printing design and manufacturing
  • In-house artist for custom design work
  • Multiple substrate support for plastics, glass and metal
  • Up to four colors with tight registration capability
  • 4 inch diameter image pad printing capability
  • Ultra durable sealant to protect image
  • Competitive pricing even on small quantities
  • Fast turn-around – as little as 24 hours

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Why Buy From DataCal?
  • Over twenty years experience designing, manufacturing and delivering quality computer keyboards and related products to businesses and homes from our Gilbert, Arizona facility.
  • Fantastic customer service and FAST shipping
  • Premium quality products, materials and processes including Cherry, TG3, KeyTronic and Genovation keyboards and keypads.