Microsoft Natural "Elite" M/N EO6401PS2, KU0045 X08-76725
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Microsoft Natural "Elite" M/N EO6401PS2, KU0045 X08-76725

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Microsoft Natural "Elite" M/N EO6401PS2, KU0045 X08-76725 Keyboard Covers help protect your keyboard from spills, dirt, moisture, debris, and other contaminants.

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Keyboard protective covers wrap snugly around your keyboard allowing you to use the keyboard while it is fully protected from spills, dirt, sand, debris, and other contaminants. 

  • The covers are precision molded from flexible, durable, matte finish polyurethane material that will provide years of use.
  • Laptop covers allow the lid to close for transport without removing the protective cover.
  • The covers are easy to install. They can be safely removed without damaging the keyboard or laptop.
  • The cover's non-glare finish leaves all keyboard markings and indicator lights clearly visible.
  • The polyurethane material has a UV inhibitor to protect against yellowing.
  • The clear protective covers feature self-adhesive flaps that help seal the keyboard for maximum protection.

We have keyboard protective covers for hundreds of different keyboards and laptops and we are adding more everyday. If you do not see your keyboard model or laptop in our list, contact our Sales Department using our convenient contact form (or call 800-223-0123) to see if we have a cover that fits your keyboard.


  • Our protective keyboard covers are flexible, transparent, and durable.
  • Our covers stay in place during use. They will not interfere with typing.
  • The covers protect against liquid spills, food, oil, smoke, paper clips, pet hair, dust, sand, grit---any contaminant that can fall into your keyboard.
  • The protective covers have been used in thousands offices, factories, hospitals, service stations, restaurants to protect delicate keyboards.
  • For laptop computer covers, you can close the computer lid with the keyboard protector in place. The protector protects your laptop all the time---even during transit.
  • You can clean the keyboard cover with soap and water without having to remove it from the keyboard.
  • Protecting your keyboard saves money on hardware replacement. You have less down-time due to keyboard malfunction of failure.
  • Our protective keyboard covers are ideal for medical offices, POS and retail cash registers, military computers, automotive shops, restaurants, home, office, schools---any place you need to protect your keyboard or laptop from contaminants.
  • Reduces downtime due to keyboard failure caused by spills, moisture, or other contaminants.

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