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DataCal Products for Teaching Keyboarding [Email a link to this web page to a friend]
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Finger Placement Keyboard Stickers
Start the typing student with the Finger Position Stickers that place color-coded references directly on the computer keyboard to show the student where their fingers should be placed for proper typing. Educational discounts for school systems are available. More information.
Finger Position Chart
Reinforce the finger positioning lesson and the Finger Position Stickers with our large Finger Position chart to hang on your wall or other bulletin board. 
Black Opaque Typing Mask
When the student has advanced to the point they know where the keys are located and how their fingers should be placed, install a Typing Mask on their keyboard to teach them to look at the screen or text and not their fingers. More information.

A complete system for teaching keyboarding technique for students of all ages.

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